Animals are a part of our lives. 

Entwined in everything that we do. To say that they are part of the family is an understatement for some. Rorie and Adison are my dogs. They are loved beyond belief and I knew that when Rorie had a bi-lateral TPLO surgery 3 years ago, I wished I had something to help her with her recovery time other than medication as well to help recover from the very invasive surgery quicker!  I had also wished that I didn’t put her through that very same surgery, however, now that I have, I’m able to help others who might be considering the surgery understand what the surgery and recovery is like, as well to be able to present the other options there are out there!

What is PEMF? 

PEMF stands for Pulsed Electro-magnetic Field therapy.  PEMF therapy uses pulses of electromagnetic waves to help heal damage to tissue and bones, to help relieve pain from surgery, and it can even help to stimulate your organs.

Some of the health benefits of PEMF are…

~ Pain reduction

~ Increased range of motion

~ Decreased inflammation

~ Reduced swelling

~ Improved immunity

~ Improved circulation

~ Improved oxygenation

~ Shorter recovery periods

~ Faster healing of skin wounds

~ Faster healing of non-union fractures

My beautiful Rorie has been using PEMF therapy for just over a year now.  As mentioned above, I have used it to help with a surgery she had 3 years ago as well as to help alleviate symptoms of arthritis.  She is 9 1/2 years old and as she was running around the park the other day, chasing her ball, a woman came up to me and said that she was impressed with how well and how much she was running for her age.  I call that a success. It has also helped us to control her pancreas issues, keeping it healthy and happy.

A few other success stories are below.

I love Kre8ing waves and Kerrie. My usually nervous 9-year-old collie Carmal (has arthritis in her knees) loves her treatments and feels so good after. She moves better, sleeps better, and has more energy. Kerrie is fantastic with her and makes her feel so relaxed.  ~ Crystal

I’m so glad we have had the opportunity to bring our big guy, Chief, to see Kerrie. Chief went from whining and not wanting to come up the stairs to go to bed, to bounding up the stairs every time one of his people went up and down. Chief is a 5-year-old bullmastiff and I started noticing growing problems with movement. I thought it was all in his back end but Kerrie also identified some problem areas in front. Kerrie is calm, patient and compassionate. She listens to concerns and identifies ways to help best. She is also extremely knowledgeable and I have learned so much from her. Thank you, Kerrie! Chief loves you (and your treats?) and I thank you so much for helping my baby feel better! ~ Melissa

I’m so in love! I take my rotti cross to Kerrie because he has bad hips, and we’re starting to see a big difference! He moves easier, he doesn’t limp after the park anymore, I’m super happy!!


My boy is friendly but he’s not a big lover, it took him about 3 years to start giving my best friend kisses… 3 sessions with Kerrie and she’s already on his kiss list that speaks volumes in the world of Mr. Roo! 

So excited to see a non-invasive form of treatment for the most important man in my life! ~ Mandi

I feel so lucky to have come across Kerrie and Kre8ing Waves. My 2-year-old pup was diagnosed with IGA deficiency (basically a crumby immune system that makes him more susceptible to infections) in September of last year and I was basically told by the vets that aside from reactive management to any future symptoms, there was nothing preventative that could be done. Refusing to believe this, I went on the hunt for more alternative/holistic options. Rooney’s main challenge was frequent vomiting of bile that before meeting Kerrie seemed to be getting worse. Since starting Magna wave therapy on January 16th of this year, Rooney has not vomited. We had a follow-up appointment with our internal medicine vet last week, Rooney had a repeat ultrasound and blood work all which came back markedly improved! The Magna wave therapy was the only “new thing” introduced into Rooney’s life around the time improvement was noted, so needless to say we will be continuing on this path! Thank you so much, Kerrie, for helping improve Rooney’s health and quality of life. 

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