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Why us?

Kerrie’s love of small animals has brought her to the creation of Kre8ing Waves where providing a drug free, non-invasive pain relief for animals and people of all ages and sizes is her passion. After seeing how powerful the tools I have are, I realized that, if only I knew about this technology in 2016, we might not have had to put our dog through a bi-lateral TPLO surgery! Or at the most have something to help her heal faster, quicker and have less pain. We could’ve also helped her cancer as well.

8 years ago, while working my corporate job, I realized that I wanted to really help more animals. I could see the benefits of hydrotherapy for my own dog at the time, so decided that I would venture out to Eastern Canada and obtain my Canine Hydrotherarpy Certification. Canine Hydrotherapy was and still is hard to find and even get a certification for this was even harder in Canada at least!

In 2018, she learned about the Magna Wave PEMF and did her research. Seeing the amazing results of this machine, I was hooked! By bringing the PEMF technology, not only can I help dogs, I can now also help other animals including horses (my other animal love) and people too!!

Kre8ing Waves has become not just a job or a business, it is my passion to HELP animals and people feel more confident, have less painful days and just be able to have an amazing life!

My goal when I see you and animals is that we work on the issues you know of, the underlying issues that can then also help you find the root cause of the issues, so that they can be addressed. Finally, onto a place where either I see you on a maintenance program or not again.
PEMF, not to be confused with EMF, is a “complementary” modality that can be used along side with Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, Acupuncture and so much more. The bonus is that it is not only “non-invasive” it also doesn’t hurt when being applied. A friend called it “Physical Therapy without the Pain”

I truly look forward to working with you and your animal whether it is your dog, cat, bird, horse or just yourself. Education is key and knowing that PEMF can really help you (along with other modalities if you choose), and that you are finally living without so much pain or medication is what I love seeing!

For any questions or concerns, you can contact me below or book online today for your free 15-minute phone consult!

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